Tuesday, October 13, 2015

There is another world; there is a better world.

Shirt: Bootleg (bought from an outside vendor after a Morrissey show)
Shorts: D.I.Y. Goodwill
Shoes: T.U.K.
Sunglasses: Ashby Flea Market
Rainbow tattoo choker: Claire's
Studded Bracelet (Belt): Old, similar here and here

Hello everyone!  Just a casual, midweek post for ya today.

I wanted to feature an outfit that I wear very regularly since the last few outfit posts have been a little dressier, or for more specific occasions than your average everyday.  This is why the pictures aren't amazing or particularly innovative.. I just wanted to snap a few pics real swift-like.  When all else fails (meaning, when I feel like I have "nothing to wear" or am in a rut with what pieces to put together), I gravitate towards a pair of my homemade high waist shorts, a band tee, and creepers, Dr. Martens ,or sneakers.  The rest of the accessorizing depends on my mood, but I typically love wearing tights with my shorts and some kind of jacket or sweater or flannel over the tee (where the weather allows).  I love layering my outfits so I cannot wait for the weather to FINALLY cool down where it will permit me to layer as much as I want!  

This Smiths shirt I actually bought outside of a Morrissey show I attended a month or so back.  I usually tie it in a knot around my waist  because the cotton is kind of stiff, and when worn with shorts, it tends to look a little boxy.  And as you can tell, my favorite pair of creepers have received a lot of love (er.. wear) over the past year or so that I've had them.  No matter.. gives them character, right?  ;)

That's all for now.  I probably won't have another outfit post up until sometime next week, but I'm working on a non-outfit post that will hopefully be up in the meantime, we'll see. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your week, and thanks so much for reading!

Love to you all.  =^.^=


  1. Loving this outfit! I really like The Smiths! Love your hairstyle! <33

    1. Yay! Thank you so much for the sweet comment Lu! The Smiths are probably my favorite band ever. :)

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