Friday, October 2, 2015


Hello everyone.  As you can probably already tell, this is going to be a different post today.  I gotta say I love when I sway from my typical outfit posts on my blog.  It's refreshing to be able to switch up my creative outlet every now and then and keep things interesting.. if for no one else but myself haha.  I do love shooting outfits and inspiring creativity in that way, but  I also love being able to share images with you that speak to me on a much deeper level. ;)  Anyway, ramble ramble.

I flew to Portland a few weeks ago with my husband to visit some good friends and documented as much of the experience as I could without being obnoxious about it or missing out on my moments there because I was taking photos the entire time.  I am a bit of a shutter fly, however, in that I like my photos to tell a story, so I'm hoping that the following images will serve as a little picture book into the misty, magical, whirlwind of a time that I had there.

This was the house that we stayed in while visiting.  Our buddy, Isaac, who lives there rented it through Airbnb for the weekend for the four of us (my husband, myself, Isaac and his girlfriend) to stay in.  The house kind of reminds me of Twin Peaks, but in the best possible way.  I absolutely fell in love with it the moment we drove up.

(a little iced coffee on the porch never hurt anyone.)

Harrison Ford, James Brown, and Marilyn Monroe kept us company.. er.. decorated the bedroom that we stayed in.

I just had to snap a pic of this little baby.  My husband found her for me while he was out on a quick run to the store while I stayed back at the house.  She completes my miniature My Little Pony collection.  I now have all six little ponies.  :D

(See what I mean about the whole Twin Peaks vibe? I need this painting by the way.)

I guess the owners of the house have a boat and an adorable classic VW van.  My dream vehicle (if said dream vehicle didn't notoriously break down all of the time.)  

This was taken from the porch!  Right next door was a little food truck.  We actually didn't end up eating there  but it sure was an adorable neighborhood landmark nonetheless!  

...And thus we begin a healthy binge of vintage shopping...

(They were packing up their sale tables when I took this photo).

Yet ANOTHER My Little Pony that my husband spotted for me at the store above.  Only this beauty is an original 1980's plush pony with the tags still in tact.  Her name is Glory.  I definitely took her home with me. :)

Childhood memories.  I purchased several clothing items while out on my thrifting excursion that weekend, but I think my favorite part was all of the original vintage toys I came across while wandering around each store.  I am such a sucker for nostalgia.  

Here's a picture of a latte I had one morning. Because I guess that's what people do.. they take pictures of their coffee.

Sunflowers, just because.  I took this while walking to dinner on our last evening there so it came out a little blurry, but I like it that way.  

On the plane back home.  As much as I am fearful of flying, the experience always confounds me.  Being way up above everything that troubles me, and staring out of a tiny window into an infinite world of the kind of stuff children dream of as their heaven, is an uncomfortable solace that I am forever in love with.

Portland was wonderful, but it's good to be home.  California has my heart forever.  

Love to you all! =^.^=


  1. beautiful pictures ! it seems to have been really cool! <3

    1. you are the best, Lu! your comments mean everything to me. <33