Friday, October 9, 2015

Quiet Riot.

Dress: Old, Forever 21
Jacket: Old, similar here
Shoes: Qupid

Hello!  Finallyyy an outfit post after a break for a couple of weeks.  I'm sorry!  I've kind of been having struggles with lighting on the rooftop these days.  What with the changing time of year and the sun setting earlier and earlier each day, I'm finding it difficult to figure out the exact position to shoot each photo without having to deal with a load of editing stress when I sit down to sort them all out.  Long story short, I'm finally getting the swing of things, so here's a post for ya.

Nothing new in the wardrobe department to announce, I'm just super excited for Fall (even though it still feels like Summer most days), and wanted to shoot an outfit for said season.  This dress has been around on the blog before.  It is definitely a favorite piece of mine.  I used to wear it to work at least once a week but had to keep the accessorizing to a conservative minimum, so this is an example of how I'd wear the dress outside of work, without any restrictions (except for my own haha). I'm aching for colder weather, and while the nights are a bit cooler now than they have been, it's just not quite cold enough to wear coats until the sun goes down, but for blog posting purposes, I am pretending it is a chilly autumn day where I can bundle up in one of my favorite jackets.  I love the contrast of the black lace with the army green, I don't know.. it just suits me.  You know I'm always playing up that rock and roll baby doll vibe, and what with these beautiful little platform wedges (that were featured in my last outfit post), I think I've succeeded.  Haha.  The rest of the look speaks for itself.  Really I just wanted to post a season appropriate outfit, since that's what one is supposed to do, I guess.  But this is California, and we're in a bit of a climate predicament (to say the very least), so don't be shocked (I know you won't) if my next post consists of something one would wear in 80 degree weather.  LET'S HOPE NOT.

As usual, I am rambling.  I hope you've had a peaceful week, and will continue to have a peaceful weekend.  Thank you so much for reading. 

Love to every single one of you.  =^.^=


  1. you are absolutely beautiful in this outfit! I love the hat!

    1. aww thank you so so much! yeah i am pretty obsessed with this hat. it always completes my looks perfectly! <33

  2. amazing inspiration ! and great combination thanks for the great update!

    1. Wow, thank you for your lovely comment/compliment! I love to inspire. :)