Thursday, November 13, 2014

Never Say Die.

Hey all! The last photo in this shoot was taken when it was getting much darker, which is why the flash effect is present and the picture is a little grainy.  The others we were able to take with merely natural light, but I wanted to get a quick shot of the outfit without my jacket on so yeah, explanation provided. :P

Aaaanyway, I wanted to do an outfit post with my new "Goonies" shirt I found at Goodwill last weekend.  Everything in the store was half off that day so I got the shirt for a sweet $1.50.  Looove when that happens.  I am a big fan of black and white (not to mention the movie, duh) so I pounced on this shirt as soon as I saw it.  Although the top will go with pretty much anything, I thought it would be extra fun to pair with my plaid skirt, leather jacket and high top Chuck Taylors.  I failed to get a close-up of the shoes this time around (the studded detailing is the best part), but there are some close-ups several posts back if anyone is curious.  And of course, I simply wanted to do another post with my new biker jacket because I can't get enough of its beauty haha.  You'll probably be super sick of seeing it after the Fall and Winter season is all said and done, because I will probably be featuring it quite frequently in future posts for the cooler weather.  And anyway, I always love it when other style bloggers out there use an ongoing, central piece in their outfit posts and creatively style around said piece to assemble a completely unique look. The point is not to have new clothes all of the time or wear something different everyday, but to be creative and resourceful with items you already own, making each outfit feel "new" again.  What us poor folk lack in money we make up for in imagination, and I believe that makes us all the richer.  :)

I hope you are continuing to enjoy the Fall season, and thank you so much for reading!

Love to you all. =^.^=

Outfit Info:

Shirt: Goodwill
Jacket: Ross
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Soft Rock Star.

Hello all!  In case you're ever wondering, I normally use song lyrics for the titles of my posts. :) Anyway, I realize I haven't posted a casual outfit in awhile, so I thought I'd do one for ya today. This is just a quick little number I threw on the day after Halloween when I was feeling "under the weather".  Nothing super special about this ensemble other than it is comfy as hell, yet still exudes a decent amount of personality.  My husband and I decided to catch a movie that evening, and although I wasn't feeling up to getting all dolled up only to sit in a dark room full of strangers, I still wanted to look sorta put together. :P Honestly this is kind of my go-to casual outfit.  Shorts, tights, and a baggy tee pretty much has my signature all over it, especially when I have to get dressed up for work five days a week.  Now that it is Fall and the weather is slowly but surely getting cooler (one can dream), my opaque tights, beanies and hoodies are coming out in full force.  I only hope it will continue to get colder so I can have more fun with layers!  Sigh.  Speaking of hoodies, I bought this one at Target in the little boys section (you can find some serious gems in the little boys section, for real) and I made the back patch using some leftover quilting material my sister-in-law gave me several months ago.  I'm pretty much in love with how it turned out, considering my unfailing love for kitty cats.  :)

That's it for now.  I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween and that your week is going well.  Happy November!

Love to you all. =^.^=

Outfit Info:

Shorts: Goodwill, D.I.Y.
Shirt: Stolen from Husband
Hoodie: Target (little boys section).  Back patch added/made by me.
Creepers: T.U.K
Beanie: Forever 21 (mens section)