Saturday, September 5, 2015


Hello everyone!  It's that time again: the post in between posts time. :) This basically means that I didn't have any special outfits planned to share for the weekend but I still wanted to keep my blog up to date as I usually publish an entry about once a week.  I thought I'd do another "favorites" feature for ya, as you all seemed to enjoy the one I did awhile back titled "Gems & Jewels".  These kinds of posts usually consist of various photos of items and situations that bring joy and happiness to my life, currently and ongoing.  All of these photos were taken from my Instagram, but I realize that some of you do not have Instagram or perhaps rarely use it if you do.  For me, Instagram is a photo journal.  A place where I can express my thoughts and emotions through photography, or merely share a photo of something that is special, meaningful, or inspiring to me.  Photography is one of my most cherished hobbies.  It brings me so much joy to snap a pic and share it with anyone and everyone in order to shine a light or bring a little color to someones day.  Ultimately I figured doing another feature like this would be perfect for my blog, as it would give you a deeper look into my world, and perhaps inspire a little spark in your own.  Anyway, I've gone on enough!  Next week I'll be back to my usual outfit posts but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy. :)

(Side note: all photos taken with a Samsung 18x optical zoom digital camera)

I realize he's kind of a weird lookin' little dude, but he's super adorable to me!  Haha this is the first cactus I've ever had, and I picked him out proudly one afternoon while my husband and I were plant shopping.  Obviously a name like "moon cactus" isn't a hard sell. :)

Pictured above is a homemade iced earl grey with milk, but the star of the photo is obviously the over-the-top adorable mason jar.  I purchased it at Ross one day and of course had to snap a photo of it in all its glory.  The best part about it is the little chalkboard labeling with which to write or draw whatever I please. :)

THIS. This is a miniature version of the very first My Little Pony I ever had as a child.  I found her at Barnes & Noble last week while waiting in line to make a purchase (I'm such a product placement sucker!).  I wasn't going to buy her at first because she was a tad expensive (a tad), but my husband immediately snatched her up for me without a word (yeah, he's a keeper). She came with a little booklet and pony brush and everything. Ahhh how can so much happiness fit into one tiny little box??  <3

This photo was taken right after I touched up my hair (yes, I realize this is a glorified selfie).  But I was so proud of how the color turned out that I couldn't NOT take a picture.  This time around I touched up my regrowth (meaning I bleached the roots), and mixed some pink AND slightly more purple together with conditioner in order to achieve some hints of lavender throughout.  Yup.  Prooooobablllyy my favorite color for my hair that I have ever concocted.  I mean, yeah.  Words cannot continue to express my joy at the outcome of this shade and its iridescence in the sunlight.  

Most of you probably know that I am a fan of rosaries, merely for their detail and design and how delicately beautiful they can be.  This rosary is my most recent find.  I was at a thrift store in Hayward (of all places!) with a good girlfriend of mine and she spotted it for me.  I am so grateful to her!  This is definitely one of my favorite pieces of jewelry/art to date!  

Just a picture of my current favorite shades in my sunglasses collection.  Which do you like best?  I'm partial to the pink ones myself.  :3

Bralettes and band tees: arguably my favorite combination of items to wear (especially with a sleeveless tee for a little lace peek-a-boo action).  I love mixing feminine pieces with items that are a little more rock & roll for a playful balance (that's pretty much my style m.o. anyway).

This was basically my uniform for the entire Summer.  I lived in these shorts and constantly rotated all of my tee-shirts in my wardrobe to pair with them.  And the jellies!  These jellies saved my life on hot days.  I refuse to wear flip flops (noooo thank you flip flops), and these little babies were a perfect alternative.  They have my name written all over em.  :D

A favorites post wouldn't be a post without my two children-cats making an appearance.  These two little wonders bring so much immeasurable and unfathomable joy to my life that I honestly don't know how I survived without them.  This photo was taken at my favorite time of day: mornings when I wake up and drink a cup of tea or coffee and get accustomed to the waking world.  I'll admit it is extremely difficult to get out of bed with these two jewels snuggled in it with me. 

This is one of my favorite photos I have ever taken.  Ever.  Occasionally I like to go on solo bike rides for some clarity and peace of mind.  You know, exercise for not only the body, but the soul as well.  One afternoon I decided to take a ride out to the Piedmont cemetery, which is definitely the most stunning cemetery I have ever come across.  It is so peaceful and full of love.  I mean honestly the energy I feel when I walk through it is nothing but beautiful.  It climbs to the top of a very steep hill that overlooks the entire bay, and the view is mesmerising and all encompassing.  This picture only includes a very small portion of the cemetery as a whole.  I fell so in love with the colors of the garden shed (above) contrasting with the sky and the rest of the scenery that I had to park my bike and take a picture.  Pretty sure I'm going to print this one and frame it.

And then, of course, there is this picture.  This picture was taken on an early evening when my husband and I were coming home from a bike ride.  When I saw the way the colors of the sunset were shining through the trees on this particular street, I made my husband stop so I could snap this photo.  I knew I would be super bummed at the missed opportunity had I not.  The image perfectly exemplifies our lives/lifestyle.  We do not have much.  We don't have a car, or a fancy house, or a bunch of material belongings to add to the worth of our social status.  We are rich not because have money, but because we live simply.  And simply live.

And I will end this entry here.  As always, thank you so much for reading.  

Love to you all. =^.^=


  1. I love these photos! great post! <3

    1. Awww thank you Lu! Thanks for reading this post.. your support and encouragement always makes me happy!

  2. aww i didnt know you had fur babies too! great post xxx

    1. I do! They are the loves of my life (besides my husband haha)! Thank you for your sweet comment! Means so much to me!