Saturday, September 12, 2015

All I have is my love of love.

Shirt: Velouria Records - Visalia, CA (view their Instagram and Facebook)
Jeans: Forever 21 (D.I.Y. knee slits)
Shoes: T.U.K.

Hello! Is it me you're looking for? Hahaha I'm back with an outfit post after a brief hiatus.  Just wasn't feeling inspired lately and have been kinda busy with other stuff like work and life.. you know.  I do apologize for not smiling in most (well all except for kinda sorta one) of these pictures.  It was soooo hot that day and the sun's rays clinging to the black of my outfit (which was basically my entire body in this case), were brutal.  But I reeeeally wanted to get a post up for you this weekend so I decided to just go with it and own the whole "grumpy" look haha.  I'm actually about to board a plane to Portland, OR for a few days which is another reason why I wanted to get an outfit post up for you before I take my much needed mini vacation.  Yay!

Now.. about the outfit.  Can we talk about this tank?  I got it in Visalia of all places at an adorable little record store while I was in town with my brother to see Morrissey.  The woman who owns the shop also sells used and new clothing in addition to records.  I'm not sure where the top is from originally.. however it is new.  I asked her and she told me that she gets most of her new items from a pretty common distributor.. so I'm sure said top wouldn't be hard to find with a little research.  Most of you know how much I adore David Bowie (one of my cats is named after him), so it goes without question that I needed to have this gem in my wardrobe.  I think the rest of the outfit speaks for itself.  I did wear a front criss-cross bralette underneath to give the tank some playful texture.  Ya'll know how I love layering. :)

That's it for today!  I gotta run and board a plane now.  I hope every one of you has a lovely weekend!  I promise I will be back next week with (hopefully) less grumpy looking photos!

Love to you all.  =^.^=