Friday, July 24, 2015

Enjoy The Silence.

Happy weekend everyone. :) Just a simple, kinda quick post because I'm trying to keep a regular posting process going, but don't really have anything amazing to share.  This is a dress I wore to bar tend in today at my work. Ignore the wrinkles in some of the pictures... we'll call it my signature grunge touch. :P Anyway, I prefer to wear dresses to work because they tend to be more comfortable and free fitting on me as I am constantly moving and running around. I purchased this one at my favorite vintage boutique in Berkeley: Down At Lulu's (I swear they should pay me for all the free sponsoring I'm giving them over here :P). It is the most comfortable dress I own, and probably the most flattering for my figure.  Lucky for me, in my "old age" (haha) I've gained weight in all the right places: hips, boobs, derriere, (I really just wanted an excuse to write "derriere") but this certainly calls for clothing that accentuates my curves while complimenting other areas of my body that are smaller.  This dress does it all.  I am a sucker for tee-shirt dresses in skater form, and obviously this one hits the nail on the head. It's also perfect for a warm day because it is a super light cotton material, and little fun fact: it has pockets! Of course everything else I paired with the dress is of typical Susanna form.  Nothing too fancy or ground-breaking in the fashion world... just me.  

That's all for now. I'm going to continue watching my favorite baseball team lose to my least favorite baseball team.  Word to the wise: don't become a baseball fan.  It will break your heart.  

Love to you all.  =^.^=

Shoes: T.U.K.