Saturday, June 20, 2015


THIS DRESS.  I cannot believe I've never worn it on the blog!  I've had it for 8 years and it is a piece I will always keep in my wardrobe long after I've gone through and gotten rid of other items of clothing that I own.  I purchased it online from American Apparel back in 2007 and I've been absolutely smitten for it ever since.  I think the only reason I've never featured it here is because I've always had newer pieces I wanted to share.. but that is simply no excuse!  It is the perfect summer dress (for me), because it hugs my figure in all the right places but still leaves plenty of room for comfort.  And of course, it's a shimmery, iridescent purple that pretty much screams Susanna.  It is also surprisingly versatile as I feel as though I can wear it with a lot of different contrasting pieces.  For a more casual look I might pair it with my baby blue hi-top Chuck Taylors.  It also looks amazing with chunky ankle boots, black platforms, a leather jacket, a jean jacket, perhaps a pork pie hat or black beanie, black creepers, you name it!  But for this post I absolutely had to wear it with my metallic pink creepers because I thought it would look amazing on camera.  Unfortunately it was super bright when taking the photos so some of the shots do not give the contrast of the shoes and the dress justice.  But all in all the pics turned out alright.  :)

As far as accessorizing, I paired the outfit with a thrifted purple purse that I bought from Crossroads several years ago, and I tied one of my favorite scarves around my wrist instead of wearing my usual bangles or studded bracelet.  The little pale pink nylon socks I'm wearing I bought from an adorable sock shop in Downtown Berkeley on Telegraph last weekend.  Nylon socks are my newest favorite obsession.  I have no idea how many pairs I own at this point.  I mean for real.  

Anyway, that about sums everything up for this post.  On a sidenote, I'm trying to figure out new locations and settings to shoot future posts that allow for better lighting as well as a variety of backdrops/scenery.  Since I'm shooting all of my blog photos myself now (the husband is always working when I have free time for new posts), I tend to gravitate towards always shooting on my rooftop because I am super shy and my roof is very private where no one can bother me hahaha.  But seriously, I plan on changing the scenery up a bit moving forward, so please stay tuned!  

Thank you so much for reading (it was a long one today, I know).  I hope you are enjoying your weekend and laughing and loving and having the time of your life, wherever you are.

Love to you all. =^.^=

Shoes: T.U.K.

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