Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lady Stardust.

Hello everyone!  I received a couple of goodies in the mail this week, and am super excited to finally share them on my blog.    

The first is a beautiful floral kimono I found on ebay, brand new, unworn and made here in the states.  I had been searching for a kimono to add to my wardrobe for awhile now, but nothing seemed to quite work for me, as everything I came across was either super trendy with fringe accents, or the color scheme didn't work well with the clothes I already own.  One evening I was casually perusing ebay (like I do), and came across the kimono featured above.  It is absolutely perfect because it goes with so many things that I have, being that the base color is black.  When I tried it on, I knew I made the perfect purchase.  It is probably one of the most comfortable pieces I own to date.  It is also super duper flattering, considering the flowy, somewhat over-sized look it gives off.  Throw it over skinny jeans and a crop top, or high waist shorts and a tank, and you've got a killer look with killer comfort.  I've never felt so sophisticated and so comfortable all at the same time.  Of course I had to pair it with my usual go-to high waist shorts and Dr. Martens, but that's my style, yo.  I lovingly call it the Susannicorn Uniform.  :P

The second item I received in the mail (that I'm probably more excited about), is the abalone shell sun choker featured in the last photo of this post (I'm wearing it in the outfit above but it is kinda difficult to see with everything else going on in the photos).  I got this from an adorable little etsy shop and when I saw it, I knew it was mine.  It is absolutely stunning and I am completely in love.  I'm wearing it as I type this, and I'll probably wear it tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that... :)

Whoa, this is proving to run a little long, so I'll wrap things up for now.  As you can see we did another "location" post where my husband and I actually went out and chose a setting that seemed appropriate/fun to shoot some photos.  I will be trying to do these a bit more often, as I think they add a little variety to the usual bedroom backdrop I am accustomed to using in most of my posts.  

Thanks for reading, beautiful creatures!  Your support and encouragement has been amazing, and gives me the drive to continue creating, expressing myself, and doing what I love.  

Love to you all.  =^.^=

Outfit Details:

Kimono - Ebay store "Simply Unique"
Camisole - Thrifted
High Waist Shorts - D.I.Y.
Shoes - Dr. Marten
Choker - Etsy shop "Hearts & Gems"