Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I've seen the future and I've left it behind.

I am well aware that it is Summer, but living in the Bay Area this doesn't really mean much.  Right now it feels like October, or February, or any other non-summer month (at least where California is concerned).  So if you are curious as to why I am wearing a black dress and knee socks for today's post, the answer is simple: because I can. :P  

Moving forward, I am super excited about this little black dress!  I scored it on a whim last weekend while I was shopping for cheap jeans for work.  While I try to stay away from malls and brand name clothing stores as much as possible, Forever 21 has some pretty inexpensive stuff when you're on a budget and needing something quick.  I went in looking for a pair of black skinny jeans (which I found) but while I was there I stumbled across this dress, in my size, and on sale.  Being that my place of work has a dress code of all black, I snatched the little number up as quickly as possible.  I do not regret my decision as it is such an incredibly versatile piece!  I wore it to work on Friday and then went out to dinner and drinks with my husband, and did not feel at all like I was hanging out in "work clothes".  That night I paired it with opaque black stockings and my Dr. Martens, but for this post I thought I'd try pairing it with my red velvet creepers and black knee socks.  Honestly you can wear almost anything with this dress, even a pair of classic black and white high top converse would look awesome. 

We all need a little black dress (or two or three or four) in our wardrobe (I have another adorable black dress that I scored online from Romwe not too long ago that I might feature in another post in the future). What I love about little black dresses is that they tend to be incredibly flattering on anyone, you can wear them any time of year, and they go with pretty much everything.  And while I don't normally follow the social norms of "fashion", I truly believe that having at least one little black dress in your wardrobe is essential.  Gone are the days when you only wear black to a funeral (what a downer).  Black is queen!  So let's get dressed up and rule the world.. forever.  :)

Thanks for reading! Love to you all. =^.^=


Dress - Forever 21
Creepers - Ebay
Bangles - Thrifted, Urban Ore and Goodwill
Rosary - Thrifted, Urban Ore

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