Sunday, August 31, 2014

Buried Treasure.

Hello everyone!  Just a quick post for today.  I made a little run to Goodwill and found two tops that I thought would make a nice addition to my wardrobe.  The first one is a simple black and white striped fitted cotton tee.  I had been looking for a 90's style fitted tee to pair with my high waist shorts, and while this isn't exactly what I was looking for (believe me, I scoured Goodwill today), I thought it still did the trick.  Plus you can't go wrong with black and white.. it goes with everything! Below you can see the outfit I styled around the top.  It's a pretty classic look, but so comfortable and easy.  

The second shirt I found is quite the gem.  I was actually in line to pay when I noticed a huge rack of black tee-shirts in the men's section.  Naturally, my love for over-sized black tees led me out of my place in line and quickly over to the rack where I started scouring all over again.  What I found in the midst of the sea of black is truly amazing.  When I got home and tried it on, it fit like a charm, and I immediately started dreaming up outfit ideas, one of which you can see below (you can never go wrong with black velvet leggings and creepers).

That's all for now!  Just wanted to let y'all take a gander at my little Goodwill purchases for the day, and hopefully inspire some of you to shop at secondhand stores (if you don't already).  I will plan on posting more of my thrift finds as they happen, since thrifting is what I'm all about!  Sorry I don't have any pictures of me wearing the outfits in this post, but you can expect a full on outfit post by Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  :)  Thank you so much for reading!

Love to you all.  =^.^=

Outfit #1:
Top: Goodwill
Shorts: Goodwill, D.I.Y
Shoes: Dr. Martens

Outfit #2:
Wolf shirt: Goodwill
Leggings: Hand-me-downs from Mom
Creepers: D.B. Shoes

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