Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter Coral.

Dress: Forever 21, old, similar here
Sweater: Marshalls

Hello everyone.  I apologize for my slight absence.  Just as I had assumed, the holidays proved to be a whirlwind and I barely had time to update the blog.  I really did want to get some holiday posts up for you before Christmas but time simply would not allow.  To make up for it I thought I would do a little "after Christmas" winter style post with a couple of new pieces that have not been on the blog before.  

This cozy sweater in a very light coral shade is practically a coat and was a Christmas gift from my husband.  We were out Christmas shopping one day and I spotted it and fell in love.  Of course I didn't end up purchasing the sweater as we were shopping for our loved ones and not for ourselves (even though I pouted a bit as we left the store haha).  Alas, my husband knew how much I wanted the sweater and went back and swooped it up for me the next day.  To my surprise it was all wrapped up and waiting for me on Christmas morning.  :)  The pictures here do not do the color and the texture of the sweater justice.  It is a bit sparkly so it glistens in the daylight.  It is also a bit tricky to style as the seams on the arms are in an awkward position (falling past the shoulders halfway to the elbow), and it kind of just drapes itself on me however it pleases.  It reminds me of my Grandma (in the best way possible hehe). 

To make the sweater not so "grandma-like" I styled it with my black platform nosebleeds, black thigh high socks, a 90's style floral dress, a wide brimmed fedora, and black lipstick (I created the black shade by mixing a bit of Sephora lip cream in "crush" and some dark eyeshadow).  I'm not a huge fan of black or dark colored lipstick on myself as I feel lighter shades are more flattering for my face, but I thought I'd make an exception for this post since the contrast of everything is quite perfect for the winter season.

Anyway, I hope you found some inspiration today!  I'll be back soon, now that the holiday craziness is behind us.  Thank you for stopping by.  :)  

Love to you all. =^.^=


  1. Love this outfit so much!!! This dress is so cute! And I love your makeup too <333

    1. Awww thank you!!! Your comments mean the world to me! You're awesome Lu! <333

  2. Like i told you: So sweet and badass at the same time!! I love the outfit and it's amazing how you mixed the lip cream with eyeshadow to create black lipstick! (if you don't write it i can't even tell haha) Take care darling! <3 :)

    1. Krissia as always you have made my day! You are the sweetest and so freaking cool. And haha I'm glad my black lipstick looks authentic! :D So much love to you girl!

  3. Your look and you are amazing! I know is blog now and I love them!
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