Sunday, December 13, 2015

Accept Yourself.

D.I.Y. Shorts: Thrifted, Goodwill
Shoes: T.U.K

Hello!  Not many photos today because it was COLD and I was desperate to get the shoot over with haha.  The photos that did come out, however, I think turned out well.  Anyway, this is an outfit I wore on Thanksgiving.  Whenever I feel like "dressing up" but still keeping my own style I will usually go for my classic shorts and tights combo with a bit of a dressier top.  To keep a bit of my own edge I opted for some ripped hunter green tights and some thick speckled knee socks for warmth.  I know that some might feel like ripped tights are tacky or cheap looking or whatever, but they work for me.  I never want to look too polished.  And I go through tights like crazy... I have so many pairs and they inevitably rip after the first week of wearing them, so I just embrace the rips as character and continue to wear them anyway.  That's me.  :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!  The holidays are upon us and I am definitely feeling the spirit of everything.  My husband and I just put our Christmas tree up this week and the weather has been stormy and cold and I'm just.. really feeling it this year.  Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday.  I know it's the cool girl thing to love Halloween, which I do, but there's something about Christmas.  You know?  Just something. ;)

Thanks so much for reading, guys.  Love to you all. =^.^=


  1. What a badass outfit!!
    That top omg!, i loved it <3
    oh and yeah, haven't told you that i love your hair right? haha, well i do!
    And yes, i saw your tree, it's very cute ;)
    Happy holidays darling! <3
    Take care :)

    1. Thank you so much Krissia! Your comment made my day. <33

  2. This outfit is bloody cool! So in love w this top <3
    I'm also very happy about Christmas! (:

    1. Awww thank you babe! Yes I can't wait for Christmas!!! <33