Monday, November 16, 2015


**Drawing by Valfré**

(None of the photos in this post are mine.  This is a wishlist post; all photos are taken from and credited to the websites on which they were found)

Hi everyone,  I've been kind of busy and under the weather lately so I haven't had a chance to follow up my last outfit post with a new one.  I plan on getting one up here by the end of the week/beginning of next week at the lastest, but in the meantime I thought I'd do a little wishlist post since the Holidays are around the corner and also just to show you what I've had my eye on lately as far as various styles and pieces.  I hope you enjoy!

1.) Distressed Ankle Nosebleed Boots by T.U.K. Footwear

These boots are number one on my wishlist for a reason, and honestly they really shouldn't be on my wishlist anymore because they are currently being shipped to me haha!  I decided to give myself an early Christmas present this year.  The weather is turning very chilly here and I want to be able to wear these babies as much as possible during the appropriate season (although let's be honest, I'm going to wear them year round).  Anyway, I decided to keep these on my wishlist for you guys so you could see exactly how much I've been pining for them, and maybe give you a little inspiration for your own shoe collection. :)

2.) Purple Crushed Velvet Vegan Viva Mondo Creepers by T.U.K. Footwear

Basically I wish I could own every pair of T.U.K. shoes, but the classic mondo creepers are on the top of my list as far as favorite shoes are concerned, period.  I have two pairs to date,  black and metallic pink, but if I could add another color it would be these beautiful purple velvet babies.  I really dig the purple because while the color is unique, it is still very versatile as far as matching with other pieces in my wardrobe.  

3. "Beat It Creep" Crop Top by Valfré

I've had my eye on this Valfré crop top for awhile now.  I'm sure every single female can relate to the sentiments of the top, having ever walked down a public street in her entire life.  I just think it's perfect.  I don't know why I haven't purchased it already. 

4.) White Pleated Tennis Skirt by American Apparel

I've been wanting a white pleated tennis skirt for what seems like forever.  I also want a black one, but white is my first choice.  Not to mention the "Beat It Creep" top would pair perfectly with this little number. ;)

4.) Bad Vibes Velvet Purple Crush Grommet Shorts by Shop Tunnel Vision

So my style is a little more modest than the model seen above haha, but I've been trying to step out of my comfort zone lately, and these little shorts are just what I need.  I would probably wear them with opaque black tights, a black fitted band tee and a (faux) leather jacket (or some sort of variation of said combination).  I just think it would be cool to have a pair of shorts in my wardrobe that aren't denim, and these cuties are the most unique pair I've laid eyes on yet.

5.) Patches by Valfré

A.) "Blanco" Patch

B. "Fangs" Patch
These tiny Valfré patches would make great gifts to give to friends for the holidays.  Perfect on a denim jacket, backpack, ripped jeans, whatever you please, there are plenty of assorted patches on her site (which I will link to at the end of this post), and they are incredibly affordable as well.  

6.) Abndn Crystal Bat Necklace

Definitely saving the best for last here... oh how I wish I could call this necklace mine.  It is perfect in every single way, from color to shape to size, it is absolutely stunning.  And while this year may not be my year for a necklace of such exquisiteness, I thought it would still be nice to share on this post, perhaps as a potential one of a kind (and I mean ultra one of a kind) gift idea for someone who is looking to give another someone something extra special and rare this year.  This necklace was created by one of my good friends who has a beautiful online shop (which is also linked below) where you can find other gorgeous pieces of jewelry, all of which she made herself.  Please do yourself a favor and check out her site.

And that completes my wishlist this year.  I'll be back soon with another outfit post for you, and with some slightly new changes and style ideas to be introduced to the blog.  Thanks so much for reading!

Love to you all. .=^.^=

Distressed Ankle Nosebleed Boots: T.U.K. Footwear
Purple Crushed Velvet Vegan Viva Mondo Creepers: T.U.K. Footwear
"Beat It Creep" Top: Valfré
White Pleated Tennis Skirt: American Apparel
Bad Vibes Velvet Purple Crush Grommet Shorts: Shop Tunnel Vision
"Blanco" and "Fangs" Patch: Valfré
Crsytal Bat Necklace: ABNDN


  1. Loving much everything! Now I want everything to me as well haha!! I can't wait to see your outfit posts again! <33

    1. Awww thank you so much! Your comments always lift my spirits! I promise, another outfit post is coming soon! <333

  2. Those Purple Velvet Creepers from TUK are dreamed for me too! ah i love them so much! haha
    Lucky that you're getting the Nosebleed Boots! that's awesome!, hope you get them soon :)
    Take care <3

    1. Thanks Krissia! Me too! Hopefully I get the nosebleeds by Friday so I can style em up for a new post! Much love to you! <33

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