Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Acid Wash Pegasus.

Hiiii everyone! I'm still alive and still blogging, I swear!  I had to take a brief hiatus for a few weeks while I was waiting on a new camera to arrive in the mail.  Alas, my trusty old camera (of two whole years) died on me and it was time for an upgrade.  Nothing fancy, but definitely a step up in the world of quality.  Weee!

Anyway, this is a super duper casual post for you today.  I thought it would be a nice change after my break from the blog to post an outfit that is a little more comfy and down to earth (well, for me.. haha).  This over-sized acid wash jacket is everything.  I never really thought I would find one that was big enough to fit the "oversized" bill, yet fit me in a way that would still flatter my figure and not make me look like a complete sack of potatoes haha.  Two Sundays ago, however, while I was shopping at a local vintage boutique, I found it whispering my name on one of the racks.  Apparently it had just been stocked in the store, and I was a lucky girl that day to be the one to swoop it up.  The three pins seen above I also purchased at the store, and thought they would be a perfect little touch for the jacket.  I was right! ;) For this particular look I decided to keep it very simple with black skinnies, my pegasus tee (the tee is seriously from the 90's.. the screen print has a copyright underneath dated 1992.. for real.) and my black creepers.  Anyway, with the over-sized acid wash goodness being such a statement piece, I thought it best to tone down the rest of the outfit (as much as my whimsical self will allow hehe).  

That's all for now, beautiful souls!  I really am sorry for the break in posts, but I hope to be up and running on a regular basis from here on out.  I still don't have a set posting day planned for each week, but I do plan on posting once a week just like before, so stay tuned.  As always, your support, encouragement, and love mean the world to me.  Thank you so SO much for reading.  

Love to you all.  =^.^=

Outfit Info:

Acid Wash Denim Jacket: Levi's, thrifted from Down at Lulus
Pegasus Tee: Ebay
Shoes: Creepers, T.U.K.

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