Monday, January 25, 2016


Jumper: Thrifted, Urban Ore
Backpack: Forever 21, sold out, many similar here
Vegan Platforms: Unif

I don't know what it is about the sun setting and the way the light falls on me in different shots, but I swear it makes my lavender hair look almost silver, in the best way possible. As many of you know I recently went back to lavender after being pink for what seemed like forever, and I am loving it.  I don't know how long it will last before I want to venture on to some other shade.. lately I've been toying with the idea of going dark... like a chocolate brown or something.  But then again if I do that I'll probably cry for days.. maybe months.. maybe years!  Haha.  

Aaanyway, the jumper I am wearing in this post was a score I came across last weekend while out thrifting with my husband.  I found it at my favorite little Eco park, Urban Ore. For my local readers, if you haven't been to Urban Ore, you must!  Please check out their link I provided above.  They are an establishment dedicated to preventing waste through recycling and creative reuse.  Much more than your average Goodwill, you can think of Urban Ore as the Home Depot of thrift stores, with a cute vintage and secondhand clothing section to boot.  ;)

I guess that's all for now.  I'm sorry my posting has been sparse lately.  I'm picking up extra shifts at work and by the time I get home, it is too late to work on photos, so I have to reserve that time for the weekend, and sometimes my weekends are full!  I am going to try to be better about posting more frequently though, since blogging truly does bring me joy.  Also knowing that you guys enjoy reading my posts gives me all the more motivation to press on.  Speaking of, thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to stop on over and check out my photos and read my never-ending ramblings.  I can't stress enough how much you mean to me.

Love to you all. =^.^=


  1. OMG!! This outfit is so perf!! I'm in love w everything! You rock! <33

    1. Lu this makes me so happy. I needed to read this sweet comment of yours after having an especially hard day. Thank you for making everything brighter. <33

  2. Oh Susanna! That jumper combines so freaking perfect with your hair and lips! <3 i love this outfit so much! And i'm with the same thing with blogging, only weekends 'cause of work... but anyways, this is an awesome post :).
    Take care darling! <3

    1. Ahhhh thank you so much my darling Krissia! I love this jumper.. it's so comfy and falls on me perfectly! And haha darn work getting in the way of our hobbies. Boooo. Love to you my dear!