Friday, May 1, 2015

Pretty Thoughts.

Well hello, everyone.  I realize it's been awhile since a proper outfit post but I gotta tell ya, this last month has been a whirlwind.  Not that I can complain... you know, because when life is busy it means you're living. :)  

Anywayyy.  This two piece play suit is to die for, right??  The best part is, it was kinda sorta a gift.  Get this: I was recently contacted by a new online street style shop called The Yub, and they wanted me to pick out some items on their website to style and feature on my blog (free of charge).  Holy moly, what a little dream come true!  I immediately jumped on their offer and snatched up this little number, not even blinking an eye when I came across it on their site.  I'm pretty much dying for summer to get here, and the ensemble in this post exudes that desire.  Although it was kind of a chilly afternoon when these photos were taken, I went ahead and played make-believe and told myself it was a warm day (something I do on the regular anyway haha).

I think that's all I can gush about for now without sounding like a total hippie (heaven forbid).  But I hope you are all doing well!  I've missed updating my blog for you.. but I can promise that posts will be a bit more frequent now that April is behind us (birthdays, taxes, Spring break getaways, oh my! goodbye.)  But as always, thank you for being such amazing souls, and thank you for taking a little bit of your time to stop over here to see what kind of silly nonsense I'm all about at any given moment.  

So much endless love to you all. =^.^=

Outfit Info:

Playsuit: The Yub 
Shoes: T.U.K.
Choker: Valfré

P.S. For those who are interested in purchasing items through The Yub, or if you simply want to browse their stock, you can also download their application to your phone.  Here are the links:


  1. This outfit is stunning. I adore your hair too!

    1. Oh my gosh Luke thank you so much! I just think you are absolutely amazing and I am so flattered that you love this outfit.. it means the world!

  2. Oh man... I want this dress so much. It's completely adorable... I might have to buy myself an early bday gift...