Monday, January 12, 2015

Manic Monday.

(Thought I'd throw in a shot without my sunglasses.. sorry this is all you get haha)

So I'm not really a 9 to 5er.. I am a server and fill-in bartender who just so happens to work Monday through Friday.  This is considered a full on blessing in the service industry.  To have weekends off is unheard of, and I am forever grateful. Mondays, however, can still be kind of a drag.  Everyone knows this.  So I've kind of made this rule for myself that on Mondays I will wear something that makes me feel awesome, and this dress definitely fits that description. I bought it online from "Romwe".  It was originally a birthday dress turned "going out" dress and now I sometimes wear it to work.  Our dress code is supposed to be all black, and rather than wearing black slacks and a black shirt 5 days a week, I really enjoy switching it up every now and then (I have to otherwise I will go insane). I am who I am, and my personality absolutely has to shine through in everything that I wear.  

For work I paired the dress with black opaque tights, but as soon as I came home I made the switch to my fishnets.  I then packed up my tripod (hubby was at work) and went up to the roof to snap a few shots.  It was an absolutely breath-taking day here in Oakland.  I know some photographers love to take pictures when it is slightly cloudy and overcast, but I prefer the sun.  

Anyway,  I hope you all have a lovely week.  Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and check out this little pastime love of mine.  I have been getting a lot more response from readers, particularly some style bloggers out there that I have been admiring for years, and this is something that makes my heart soar (at the risk of sounding ultra-dramatic, but it's true!).  Thank you everyone for all of your support, and please remember to always do what you love and what truly brings you joy in life. 

Love to you all.  =^.^=

Outfit Info:

Dress: Romwe
Jacket: Similar here (buttons, studs and rips added by me)
Shoes: Creepers, T.U.K.