Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Out come the wolves.

Hello Everyone!  I am sorry for the delay in posts lately.. life happens.  Nothing bad, I've simply been busy with work and play.  :)  

First off, hurray!  I managed to smile in at least one of the pictures!  Haha.  I have been dying to do a post showcasing my "new" wolf tee I scored at Goodwill several weeks ago.  It was featured in an outfit collection a couple of posts back but I wanted to do an update where I am actually wearing the shirt.  I had been dreaming up ideas on how to style the shirt, what pieces to pair with it (you know, the usual debacle), and on a whim I came up with the idea to wear it over an adorable little sleeveless black dress I've had in my wardrobe for years now.  I think I purchased the dress at Forever 21 circa 2007 (seriously, it's been THAT long) and it has been sitting in my closet waiting ever so patiently to be worn again.  (Of course I haven't kept all of my clothes in my wardrobe that I've purchased over the years, but this dress is one that I have not been able to part with.)  Anyway, I decided to tie the tee into a knot to make it more form fitting around my waist, and to also give the illusion of the dress as a skirt.  For finishing touches, I paired the ensemble with my brand new pork pie hat (which I purchased last Sunday at this awesome little hat store in Berkeley), and my studded black creepers (always creepers :P).  I gotta say, I am quite pleased with the results.  I am constantly dreaming up new outfit ideas for clothes I already own without constantly repeating the same look or style over and over again.  And while there is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of repetition here and there, it is always a treat when your imagination can create something new out of something old.  

That is all for now!  I will try to update again within the week. So far I've been pretty consistent about updating at least once a week, more or less, and this will continue to be my goal.  I seriously love blogging and posting my outfit creations for you guys, because I know that you enjoy them, and I love bringing joy to others in any little way that I can.  Thank you so much for reading!

Love to you all.  =^.^=

Outfit Info:
Shirt: Goodwill
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: DB Shoes
Hat: The Berkeley Hat Company
Sunglasses (last photo): Ashby Flea Market

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